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We All Know How This Ends

Lance Corporal Schofield's message could save a thousand lives--but only if he can deliver it.
"All my stories are true--and some of them actually happened." --Nikki Johnson

"I've been to the movies, I've seen how it ends." --Brandi Carlile

When the credits finally began to roll at the end of 1917, I felt like I'd been in the theater for far more than the 117 minutes of the movie I'd just seen.

I mean that in the best way. 1917 is a thriller that never lets up. Its quietest moments were nail-biting scenes of soldiers picking their way through No Man's Land, scouting abandoned barracks, and exploring a recently-vacated farm, during which there was always a sense of death lying just over the next hill, around the next corner, just one step deeper into the unknown. The concept is a well-used one: to avert a disastrous advance into a deadly trap, two young soldiers must hand-deliver a letter across miles of craters and barbed wire, deep into ene…

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